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Short Description:

Have you ever been in Soudy? No? It's a mountainous country on a island near Australia. As the island is in a remote area, the people who live there have to provide their food themselves. Therefore you can find a lot of farmlands there. Many people also have fruit trees in their gardens, so their gardens are pretty big. Also several tourists come to Soudy every year, but not everybody has got the money to get there. Therefore this you can see that Soudy is a very nice country, and I hope I made it as good as in Real-Life.
(fantasy story by GeorgM)

As you can imagine, there are mounains on every track - to have something special.
I also wanted to bring something new into GeneRally tracks: As the zoom function (since GR 1.05) is a nice feature, I decided to make fullscreen tracks. You can find 11 fullscreen tracks and 2 bonus tracks, which are non-fullscreen but with mountains. Almost all tracks have big hmap changes and I always tried to make a good banking in difficult curves.

Have fun!

Author Information:

GeorgM: Main Creator of the Trackpack who made all tracks. The others helped on some tracks

A-Master: Made the bottom half of the river on the track Soudy-Skater

Kory Miller: Gave me the permission to edit his track Interchange,
gave me the permission to rename it to Soudy-MWay ( = Soudy Motorway ).

McGyver: Helped me (GeorgM) making the mountains.

P&M Studios: Gave me the permission to edit his track Kenavo
gave me the permission to rename it to Soudy-Kenavo.

nielske: Made the oil on Soudy-Rain.




Track Name: Soudy RoadTrack Lenght: 437 metres
Track Type: Tarmac CircuitAuthor: GeorgM
World Size: 200View: Fullscreen
A tarmac road circuit around a lake with a "hmap-bridge". Outside there are walks beside farmlands and mountains and several houses between the trees. It is best to drive with the Formula there.
Track Name: Soudy TownTrack Lenght: 308 metres
Track Type: Tarmac CircuitAuthor: GeorgM
World Size: 150View: Fullscreen
This is how a typical Soudy Town looks like. Some courves are banked, and on the top there are roadworks. Tested with Formula.
Track Name: Soudy CanyonTrack Lenght: 317 metres
Track Type: Rally TrackAuthor: GeorgM
World Size: 180View: Fullscreen
This is a short, wide, hilly and fun motocross track in the middle of a canyon. In the middle there are some Houses with gardens. In the outside area farmers have their farmlands, and on the left there's a town.
So it's a dirty track for Monstertrucks, as the AI is tested for them. Of course the track is fullscreen ;)
Track Name: Soudy WinterTrack Lenght: 317 metres
Track Type: Rally TrackAuthor: GeorgM
World Size: 180View: Fullscreen
The winter version of Soudy-Canyon. Differences: Other landmap.
Track Name: Soudy DesertTrack Lenght: 464 metres
Track Type: Rally TrackAuthor: GeorgM
World Size: 189View: Fullscreen
A village in a desert, there's some water, and also palm trees and bushes can grow there. The track is great for Monstertrucks, General, Formula or any other car you like.
Be careful in the first curve - if you don't take care you'll slip into the water LOL. The hmap-changes are huge, so I hope the effort was worth it. Curve in bottom-left is banked.
Track Name: Soudy HidingTrack Lenght: 243 metres
Track Type: Rally TrackAuthor: GeorgM and McGyver
World Size: 120View: Fullscreen
This was the first track I created for the Soudy trackpack. Thanks for McGyvers help to create the mountains!
This is a short rally track through a 'forgotten land'. People have left their houses. The track is banked, so you can't crash into the mountains by mistake - hopefully.
Track Name: Soudy IslandTrack Lenght: 139 metres
Track Type: Micro & FunAuthor: GeorgM
World Size: 120View: Fullscreen
This is a micro-rally-track on a small island. There's much sand, and many hmap-differences. A challenging track for Monstertrucks and other rally cars. By the way - it's an updated version of my track "Greusy", which I posted in the Track Database.
Track Name: Soudy MicroRallyTrack Lenght: 202 metres
Track Type: Micro & FunAuthor: GeorgM
World Size: 100View: Fullscreen
This is a micro rally track, created for original minis tracks. The track has got many curves and great hmap changes. The pits are in the middle of the track, but they are no shortcut. On the track you have a feeling of a tropical country ;)
Track Name: Soudy DragTrack Lenght: unknown
Track Type: DragAuthor: GeorgM
World Size: 140View: Fullscreen
I thought about having a fullscreen drag track with a very deep view would be very cool, so I made it. No curve here. Set the lap number on 1. Choose 2 cars. Start as soon as possible.
A small town on the left. A forest on the right. Mountains right across you. Enjoy!
Track Name: Soudy RainTrack Lenght: 437 metres
Track Type: "Rain" TrackAuthor: GeorgM and nielske
World Size: 200View: Fullscreen
This is the rain version of Soudy-Road. Thanks nielske, for spraying oil on the tarmac. You need his Rain Palette to make the oil looking like rain. >> Get it here
Track Name: Soudy SkaterTrack Lenght: 270 metres
Track Type: Skate ParkAuthor: A-master and GeorgM
World Size: 170View: Fullscreen
This track was a project made by GeorgM and A-master and is the third track out there made to go with A-masters skateboarders. GeorgM made everything on the north side of the river and A-master did everything on the south. Like A-masters 2 previous skateparks its got a halfpipe, grind rail, fun boxes and graffiti.
Track Name: Soudy KenavoTrack Lenght: 498 metres
Track Type: BONUS (Kart)Author: GeorgM and P&M Studios
World Size: 120View: Normal - Not Fullscreen
This is a short Tarmac Kart Stunt Track. At first I want to say thanks to P&M Studios who gave me the permission to edit his track Kenavo. I changed the world size and the path around and after the pits. This is a Bonus Track, which means it's not fullscreen, but as in the other Soudy tracks you can find mountains there. A special thing is the jump in the middle of the track, and the banked curve(s) on the top left. The stands are also not often in Soudy tracks.
The Track's AI-line was made and tested for the original Kart cars. For hotlapping you can use Formula or other faster cars.
Track Name: Soudy MotorWayTrack Lenght: 745 metres
Track Type: BONUSAuthor: GeorgM and Kory Miller
World Size: 202View: Normal - Not Fullscreen
This is an update of Kory Miller's track Interchange - Thanks very much for using it. I changed everything. There are mountains, trees, houses, lakes, farmlands, ... instead of forest. Only the bridge in the middle is the same. The track is fun for races with fast cars, such like Formula1. Be careful under the bridge (it was the most difficult part of the recreation)